Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why Do The Weekends Pass So Quickly?

We went yesterday to visit the cemetery. I was overdue for a visit. Always, at the beginning, I am a bit on the edge emotionally. It's just still so hard for me to imagine I am going to the cemetery for my son. It was around noon when we got ready to go so we stopped at McDonald's for a small bite to eat before we headed out. We were going to pass through the drive-through but it was so packed we decided to go in. In the line in front of us was the most precious little red-headed toddler. I wanted to cry when I saw him. I was reminded of where we were going and I wanted so badly to tell that young father to cherish every minute he would have with his son.

We stayed a good while. We cried. We talked. We remembered. I took pictures of the clouds. They were beautiful. It was a bright and sunny day. If you stood still, you could see the clouds moving.

On the way home we stopped at a church camp where I've spent a lot of time, a place we both love. We walked around a bit and breathed the fresh air. He sat a little while to write and I sat in the swing and then took a few pictures. This was my favorite of the day.

It was good to get away for the day. Now Monday is rapidly approaching and I am remembering the bullet point list I made in my journal on Friday night of things I wanted to get done this weekend. I think I have partly done one of the things on the list! I'll have to see if I can get at least one thing done well enough to be able to honestly cross it off my list. Sigh.


  1. My list. I think my list includes only thinking about doing things.

  2. Lists are good. Survival is better. Mondays are just plain wrong.

    Glad you are still finding beauty amidst the grief.

  3. Cyn, for too long now my list has only included thinking about doing things. Dang it, springtime is here so I need to spring into action!

    Mondays are wrong, Rach, but if we got rid of 'em, another day would become Monday so we'd some of us (me!) would still be fussin'! Finding beauty amongst the grief is one way of surviving...

  4. Annie, I just don't have the standard procedure would be hugs and a heart to heart over cups of tea...I don't know what to say in this stupid comment box.

  5. Patti, thanks. Sometimes words aren't necessary. I am grateful for your thoughts...


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