Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas Light

The view through our fallen cedar tree limbs
(the tree still needs to be cut down and hauled away),

past the open gap to where the gate from our privacy fence blew away,
I wonder how other people are dealing with the vulnerability
of being so visible because the downing of their trees
and fences have left them exposed

and beyond,

to the neighbor's Christmas lights
and there are fewer this year,
for many, a dull edge hangs over the season

So many people are without light in this season, both literally and metaphorically. Do what you can to spread whatever light you can wherever you can. And remember to spread that light all year long, not just in this season of caroling to nursing homes, or serving meals at the local homeless shelter, or sending toys to the youngest of the hurricane's victims.



  1. Beautiful Annie, and well said! Something in my wants to wax philosophical here, but since it's Christmas, I'll be good!

  2. And I certainly hope that someone opens themselves up for you and gives you some of the light that you give to each and every one of us.

  3. I can relate to that vulnerability, Annie. After two direct hits last year and one this year, we feel like our sense of safety and privacy got blown away with trees and fence and screen and whatever else wasn't nailed down. It's still scary...
    Down here, though, there is a plethora of Christmas lights... almost like everyone wants to show the hurricanes they can't hurt us anymore- we see you coming...
    I hope those in Louisiana will one day find their spirits again- it will take awhile... blessings, Annie...

  4. Just found you blogsite, Annie, and I will be back to read more. It was entirely coincidental that I used your name for a story on my site. But feel free to participate.

  5. The cedar photo is one of my favorites you have ever done. This is so good.

  6. Annie,

    My love and my prayers fly over to you at Christmas

    Your picture is hauntingly beautiful, as are your words

    May His light be so bright for you this Christmas that you cannot feel lonely, afraid or vulnerable - but held in His safe arms.


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