Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Check It Out!

Dear Blog Readers,

I stayed up past my bedtime last night and updated my Blogroll list. All the links should work now, and I added a few links I have been intending to add. Please let me know if there are any that do not work. I tested them all and everything seemed to be working perfectly well.

Do you ever have a little thing that needs to be done, and it would be so simple to stop and get it done, yet you keep putting it off and putting it off? When you finally just stop and get it done, it feels very good.

Sincerely & Resolutely,
Annie Simpleton Oddflower


  1. LOL I was in that mode a few days ago. I just did not want to do anything. Anything that was even slightly like *work* that is. I wanted to go have fun somewhere but there wasn't even anything like that to go do, lol. So I did pretty much nothing all day.

  2. Oh man! that's how I live my life, annie. Constantly putting off things that would be so simple and make life so much easier if I would JUST GET IT DONE.

    Glad you got this one done. And also a little jealous. I gotta do this too...

  3. Flutterby I HATE when that happens--when you want something fun to go to do and there is nothing fun available to do!

    Jules I bet it doesn't happen often to you! You seem like you keep up with your "doings" fairly well.

    Rach Not to sound like a commercial, but I use Firefox and it was so easy to do because I opened the Blogrolling thing and to my Bloglines and just went down the roll. But of course, first you have to have a little bit of free time!

    What I wish I could do is figure out how to sub-divide my list. I have another group of blogs I read but never comment on and I'd like to put them up too, but seperate from the list I have now.

  4. Ah, pour on the guilt ... pour it on. Mine needs to be updated so badly that it is truly embarrassing!

  5. Linda That is what finally got to me, the guilt! I know over half my links were not working...


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