Monday, October 01, 2007

Soul Hunger

This first one is entirely digital. There are some issues on the side that I may need to go back and fix. I'm no expert at this stuff, that is for certain!

This one is a gel transfer and other background papers glued to a canvas.

How often do we neglect the feeding of our soul, or try to fill it up with junk?


  1. This is haunting to me.

    I love them both but I am loving the gel transfer!!

  2. How often? Can I even count that high???

    I like the composition of this, Annie. I think out of the two I prefer the first one - just cause I'm not a big "pink" person but both are very nice.

  3. Haunting is a good word for this. I like it a lot!

  4. very nice...


    did you get the song I sent your way?

  5. I also tagged you, annie. Have fun!


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