Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Know Y'all Are Dying to Know....

I was tagged by Flutterby, then Rachel, then Patti to do this four questions with four things meme. I'm pretty boring when you get right down to it, and I always have trouble just answering the questions in a simple and straight-forward manner. I tend to ramble.

Finally, here are the answers I know you all have been waiting for!

4 Jobs I've Held

  • Kitchen help at Stop and Shop grocery, where I made boudin, among other things.
  • Summer staffer at a church camp, where I slaved away (and loved it!) for ten dollars a week.
  • Cashier and secretary at a family owned sporting goods store.
  • Secretary at a collision repair center.

4 Films I Could Watch Over and Over

  • Wizard of Oz
  • any of the Indiana Jones movies

(I don't like watching movies over and over. Generally speaking, once is enough).

4 TV Shows I Watch

  • I don't watch much TV! Lately I have been watching Grace and that "Brenda Lee Johnson" show with my husband (I can never remember the name--I'm the same with books and movies--The Closer!--It just now came to me).

4 Places I've Lived

  • Orange, TX
  • Maplewood, LA
  • Pineville, LA
  • Houston, TX

4 Favorite Foods

  • Chocolate
  • Chicken
  • Rice and Gravy
  • Home-baked cake

4 Favorite Colors

  • I can't really say! It depends on what the color is being used for and on what kind of mood I am in that day. However, on most days, I love Fuschia (bright pink--however you spell it). Otherwise, I generally like most colors.

4 Places I Would Love to be Right Now

  • Pitkin, LA--sitting on the front porch with both my grandparents still alive (I've been missing them lately).
  • Back on the cruise ship we were on last year at this time.
  • Somewhere enjoying cooler air and the changing of the leaves.
  • On a road trip, perhaps to meet a real live blogger while on my way to an art workshop.

4 Names I Love But Would/Could Not Use for my Children

  • Lizzie
  • Sparkle Farkle (anyone remember Laugh-In?)
  • Tyler Beaux
  • Alexandra Farblewart


  1. Good answers, annie! I could watch Indiana Jones over and over again, too. Wonder if the new Indie movie will be any good?

    (And don't worry! Mindy and I are still speaking.)

    (Although, I must admit I'm speaking a little more loudly because I figure with her advanced age, she's probably starting to experience problems such as hearing loss....hee hee hee.)

  2. *snort* Rach dangit WARN people why don'tcha?? LOLOL and wiping tea off my monitor thinking about Mindy reading what you wrote.
    annie we have all the Indy movies on DVD... sigh. And we have cool (well we did) and changing leaves.

  3. It's really cool here, I put the heat on last night. I was hoping to hold out until Halloween, but our fingers were numb. Nice list!

  4. Oh Sparkle! You are not boring!

    *chosing to take the high road with Rachel and not resort to petty mud slinging*

    Will ya'll all please join with me and pray that the good Lord helps Rach to get preggy?

  5. Annie - have you ever tried doll making? I think you would rock at it.

    Perhaps you could practice by crafting me a simple doll that kinda looks like Princess Mindy. It wouldn't have to be too detailed and you wouldn't have to worry about making clothes for it, because they wouldn't fit over all the pins that I will be sticking into the doll... Uh, doesn't Marie Leveau live somewhere down there by you??

  6. Yeah, I remember Laugh-in. I also remember (vaguely) having gravy with my rice. Mmmmmm...

  7. Sparkle Farkle! ROFL!!!
    Do they do re-runs of that show?

  8. Rach The new Indie movie probably won't be any good, but I am going to see it anyway, just in case!

    I'm SO glad you and Mindy are still speaking and sorry you have to yell at her, but you must remember, I am older than both of you, so be kind to your elders!

    Flutterby We are starting to get a little nip in the air too. It is supposed to be in the upper sixties Saturday morning. You might have to help me referee Rach and Mindy if they get too rambunctious!

    Patti Yes, I'd say it is about time to turn on the heat when the fingers start to get numb!

    Mindy I do so admire you for taking the high road with Rach, although it would be very tempting to me to put Rach on the prayer chain to get preggy!!

    Rach I probably could craft you a doll to look like Princess Mindy but I am afraid I could never use my secret super powers for such a dastardly deed! And yes, I think Marie Leveau (is that spelled correctly?) does live near me! That reminds me, I have an ATC you might like in lieu of a Princess Mindy doll.

    Jules I don't know why, but I thought you might be too young to remember Laugh In (you are younger than me)!

    I don't eat rice and gravy as often as I'd like anymore. That gravy is not too healthy, I think!

    Linda I don't believe I have seen any reruns of Laugh In. You would think someone would put them out there. Sparkle Farkle was my alter ego when I was in high school.

  9. I heart Sparkle Farkle...thanks for the memory. I like rice and gravy too.

  10. yes indeed, we could be well on our way right now...


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