Sunday, October 21, 2007

While I've Been Out

I've been trying to figure out what I have been doing since October 10th that I could write about, but believe me, there has not been much happening (sometimes that is a good thing!). Rather than making something up, I'll just lay out a few random things as they come to my mind. Be assured, this post will contain nothing profound or earth-shaking.
  • My young boss backed into me a couple of weeks ago. He always moves 90 miles an hour. I always move at a turtle's pace. He thought I was gone already. I thought he was still in the office. In the meantime, I have been driving an 08 Nissan Altima with a keyless entry and ignition. All I have to do is get in the car, put my foot on the brake and push the ignition button and the car starts. I am fascinated by this setup. Through a few experimentations I have figured these things out: You can't lock the keys in the car (it beeps ferociously). You could (conceivably) set the keys down somewhere near the car (but not in the car), start the car and drive off without the keys, but when you got to where you were going and stopped the car, you would not be able to start it again. One thing I wonder about, but have not tried, is what would happen if you were to push the ignition button while driving down the road--would the car stop right there in the middle of the road?

  • We had a friend over last weekend who installed two new toilets for us. They are the "high seat" kind, 18" tall, I think--good for our knees in our infirm years! They have been declared by expert flushers to have superior flushing capabilities. They do have excellent flushing capabilities, but I wonder, how does one qualify for the status of "expert flusher"?

  • I have taken an Enneagram personality test and have been declared to be a Nine--a Peacemaker, Mediator, one who is capable of seeing all sides to an issue and can pretty well get along with anybody. Another characteristic is that they have trouble getting their momentum going when they get stopped. Obviously that has been a problem for me lately.

  • I've just recently gotten caught up again with my blog reading. Some of you have been very busy while I have been sitting around in my lethargy.

  • I've been trying to think of some kind of theme that I would post about once a week (to get my momentum going again). I can't think of anything specific. I guess I will just have to decide to write once a week whether I have anything to say or not. Maybe eventually, something worthwhile will come of the effort.
  • I came across this quote in my blog reading several weeks ago. I glued it into my journal as a reminder to myself. I wish I could write in depth on this, but I can't quite get my thoughts together on it. I feel like an empty-headed fluffball lately (I started to say "blonde" fluff-ball, my peacemaker tendencies made choose "empty-headed instead. My apologies to any empty-headed readers I might have, but I just could not offend my blonde readers!) Here is the link to his blog, Letters From Kamp Krusty. I have to admit, I often don't "get" him, and I have not been reading his blog lately, but these few words resonated with me.


  1. I like that quote.

    I have missed you and your writing.

    That car seems a lot smarter than me.

  2. Annie, I have had my dry periods with nothing particular to say also. And not even the energy to go blog cruising. Your posting here reminds us that you are still here so it's good to write even if there is not much to say. It's your voice we like to hear.

  3. Mindy Thanks. I miss being around.

    The car was returned to the rental people and now I am back in my "Maw-Maw" Buick!

    David I'm not so sure others would want to hear my voice as it has been sounding lately! But I think I will try to at least post something, even if it is fluff, once a week.

  4. Fluff is good! I have tried to find something to write one certain day a week, a theme I guess, as you say, but it just never works for me. Right then when I am writing the first one, it's easy. But that's because the thought has just occurred when there was something to write about. It just doesn't work for me when I have told myself I *have* to do this every Monday or Wednesday...

  5. Good to hear from you annie. David is right, we like to hear from you, even when it's nothing. Post what you want, when you want and we'll be around to read it. :)

    I don't know about the rest of your readers, but the people I enjoy reading the most are not the funniest, or the most polished. I like the people who are just living life as it comes and struggling through it. They use their writing as a creative or social outlet, much like you. It's like extreme people watching, I guess.

    Anyway. I like what you do.

  6. Flutterby Yep, if I say I have to write a certain day of the week, that just about kills the notion right there. However, I can trick myself by saying I am going to write once a week (I just don't tell myself on what day that might happen!). That seems to work better for me.

    Rach Thanks (for liking what I do)! I probably need to loosen up a bit and let it all hang out, huh?...Nah, it ain't gonna happen!


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