Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Annie's Psychological Insight for the Day

Last week, I listened as one of the more eccentric faculty members tried to provide directions to someone on the phone for finding the CPU tower on their computer.

For over thirty minutes, the one-sided conversation I heard was an ongoing variation of this:

"Are you sitting at your desk?". . .

"All right, put your hands on your desk. Are your knees under your desk?. . .

"Now, slowly turn your knees and feet to the right. What is the first thing you hit?". . .

"No, not that! That is your power strip."

"Are you sure you are turning to the right? It's about 18 inches tall and maybe 8 inches wide. Run your hand down there."

I am not kidding, they did four or five variations of this conversation and as far as I know, the person on the phone never found her CPU tower.

I wanted to holler from my desk and tell her the CPU tower might be ON her desk rather than UNDER it, but I kept my mouth shut, which was probably a good thing.

Now, two things occur to me:

1) No matter how many times you look, you will probably never find what you are looking for if you keep looking in the same wrong direction.

2) If you have a guide while you're looking for whatever it is you are looking for, the guide's advice is only as good as her vision. If she only chooses to see in one direction, you might not find what you are looking for.

In other news, we got wind and rain from TS Edouard. I don't think he ever even made it to hurricane strength. A lot of the day care centers closed for the day and I believe the Methodists canceled a Bible Study but we at the university had to go to work (which was actually just fine by me--have I mentioned that I love my job?)


  1. Believe it or not, Annie, the same scenario applies to preaching...

  2. LOL that sounds like one of those *tech center stupid customer stories* things where they post all the ridiculous calls they've dealt with. Instead of calling it a *CPU* it should have been described as "the big metal box looking thing that makes a noise and might have a light or two on the front.* And Eddy boy? No... never actually made it as a hurricane, thank goodness.

  3. Great insights Annie! And no, I don't believe you mentioned that you loved your new job. Hurray!!!

  4. Loving your job is the best. I aspire to do that one day.

  5. Good for you, annie! I am glad to hear about the job and will be praying for you to have patience as you deal with the blind.

  6. Jim I believe it! It applies to a lot of things, I think!

    Flutterby I think something about a metal box description might also have been used.

    Jules I do love it! Everybody has been real helpful. Next week will begin another test of sorts--the students will begin arriving in mass.

    Cynthia It is the best! I hope it happens for you too.

    David Thanks! It has been so much fun getting to know these professors. These are the ones who have been there through the summer break. Soon a few more will begin to trickle in and I can observe the whole mess of them!

  7. Yay! You love your job! And it sounds like we'll be getting funny stories from it, too!

  8. Linda I do imagine there will be plenty of funny stories to tell but right now I am trying to get myself situated and ready for the onslaught of students!

  9. I needed a good chuckle..scary what happens in colleges today!! Your insights were tremendous and I am thrilled you love your new job! You deserved it!!

  10. I'm thrilled about your job - it sounds fun. And this story is hillarious. "Ok, what is the first thing your knees touch?" haaaaaa!

  11. Ayekah Today was the first day of late registration. . .and I survived! It is amazing how huffy those students (and their parents, in some cases) get when they can't get the classes they want because they registered late!

    Spookyrach Today I somehow managed to assign this same professor to be her own adviser!


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