Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh Good Grief

The totally unnerving thing is, they don't really know anything yet so they keep putting out their computer models with very broad predictions. Hardly anything can be known until it at least gets in the Gulf. I try very hard not to waste my energy on speculating what is going to happen, but it is hard not to get caught up in the drama. Everybody is antsy it seems, and for good reason I suppose.

But still, I'm not ready to hear about it, talk about it, or even make a decision as to whether we will stay or leave.

I'm gonna walk with courage all right. I'm gonna walk myself to my hall bath with no windows in the center of my house and I'm gonna bring some blankets and food and water and a twin bed mattress to hide under. I'm just kidding. It is too early to decide. For now I will stay calm and try to avoid the incessant drama of the news and weather reports.

PS In case it is not clear, I am talking about Hurricane Gustav.


  1. Prayers are being said, for you and yours...

  2. Totally clear sweetie. Adding my prayers to all of the others.

  3. We knew what you meant, we sure did.
    Keeping you in heavy prayer. You can come here... :)

  4. LOL... and yes I can laugh because I get caught up in it for many reasons... family in the area that I know will probably not bother to leave this time due to the fiasco of Rita... and a hub who's been told... three times now... to be on hand even though it's a holiday weekend *just in case*. Which means I have to listen to him rag on about how stupid it is. Like any of the feds can do anything at all about the freaking weather. I hope it all goes ok for you. And that you really don't put yourself in danger if it doesn't. The rule now is that if you don't follow an early mandatory evacuation order, no one is going to come in and rescue your ass later! So.. watch.. and be wary... but don't wait too long ok??!!

  5. Thanks Beth

    Thank you Kristen, and welcome to you. I don't believe you've commented before.

    Thanks Princess Mindy

    Ayekah If I go over there, I might have to deal with Hannah! May as well take my chances with Gustav!

    Fluuterby We're slowly putting together our plan. If they say mandatory evacuation, we will go. Otherwise we will probably hunker down and stay. It's just all so crazy, the thing is not even in the Gulf yet.


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