Saturday, August 16, 2008

Still Happy

I want to meet the rats! I've been working now for a month and I have yet to get to go upstairs to where the rats live! School starts Monday so I imagine I will have to wait a while longer before I get up there. Thursday and Friday we dealt with students who could not get into the classes they needed or wanted because it was late registration. I suppose some of them have good reasons for registering late but as the saying goes "Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part." At least that is the way the saying went when I was working in the sporting goods store and people came in to order customized uniforms about two days before their first game!

It really was not bad, we got everyone situated and no one had a stroke or anything. I'm learning some of the software system as I go, and Friday I accidentally assigned one of the professors to advise herself! We were both very happy that I did it because it meant that we had figured out how to assign advisers, with one teeny tiny adjustment (put the student's name in one of the places where I had put the professor's name--nothin' to it)!

I got a small case of the giggles when two members of the basketball team came in. I was sitting at my desk looking up at them and they had to have been nearly seven feet tall. And one of them was helping the other get permitted into a class that was closed so they would not miss practice time. He had been to the office to see me earlier. They were like two scared little boys on the first day of school.

They say it will be hectic all this next week and maybe into the next one. But I am learning more about how to navigate in the software system to get the information I need and to be able to help students and professors. That feels better than having people coming in asking a thousand questions for which I have no answers!

In other news, my son celebrated two years being clean on Wednesday of last week. I am still so very thankful and proud of the progress he is making.

I want to get myself on a more regular (and interesting!) posting schedule. I'm behind on my own blog reading and commenting so if I have not been around lately it's because I have not had the time to read blogs. I hope to catch up with that tomorrow sometime.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. . .


  1. I know you are glad you are finally settling into the job, especially getting used to the software.

    And wonderful news about hitting the 2 year mark for your son!

  2. That is so great about your son! We've both had issues with adult sons although different, they still worry you and cause so many doubts about yourself as a parent, even though we *know* they make their own choices. Things have moved in a very positive direction for us as well in the past year and it's really been nice.

  3. I am all too curious about those lab rats, so do tell when you are bale to sneak in for a peek! I am proud ( and thankful) right along with you for sons two years of sobriety! Amen on that!

  4. Yay, yay, yay! What blessings!


    Two years!!!! Freakin' impressive. Way to go!

    Glad you're still having fun at work! And there are rats living upstairs? Me too. How cool is that? (Not very, I guess.)


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