Sunday, August 24, 2008

Psycho Babble

Here is a not very clear photo of some of the stuff I saved from the trash bin the first week at work. I was a bit hesitant to say much about the stuff because one of the women kept saying "they like to keep this stuff out of the hands of the general public" and that made me nervous since I am a member of the general public. But it turns out she was okay with me having the parts. They were going in the trash anyway, for heaven's sake.

Here is a hand. If you can recognize that fact, I suppose that means we have ascertained that you do indeed possess some measure of intelligence.

You can probably also recognize that the puzzle below is an apple. But the pieces do not fit together as they should. What is up with that, and what does it say about a person's intelligence when they can't make the puzzle fit properly (because obviously the puzzle is faulty and they threw that in to make people stumble)?

Here we have a tiny, ugly rubber doll. I have no idea what her presence means in the whole scheme of things. Look at her eyes! She looks slightly startled. I have no idea why. They also had little tiny forks and spoons and some buttons and thimbles in this particular kit. Oh yea, there were small blue locomotives and little cars too. I have no idea what I will do with the locomotives and the cars, but I have them if a brilliant idea comes to me.

Now this is a book, about three inches by one and a half inches. It has little pictures that you take out. If I remember right, there is one picture that does not go with the other ones and you have to choose which one does not match. I really like the little pockets and I want to do something artsy-fartsy with the little book. I only got one little book. There were two but I shared the other one with one of the professors (not only am I intelligent, but I am also kind!).

Here we have a lady. I intentionally left her ear out because the hole in her head amuses me. She looks kind of scary, doesn't she?

Here is her ear.

I will admit, the man puzzle was a bit challenging. He looks rather stern. To the right you can see the little girl puzzle. I scored several of those. I don't think I got any little boy puzzles, come to think of it. I wonder what that means. It might mean they were ugly puzzles and I just did not want them, I can't remember.

All the little puzzles are in these boxes. And the boxes were in some old briefcases with the instruction books to the test. Unfortunately, (or perhaps, fortunately) I do not have the booklets that told you how to score the tests, so I can't tell anyone how intelligent they might be.

I did get one old metal briefcase but I did not take a photo of it (too incriminating). It's pretty cool. I don't know what I am going to do with it yet but if I alter it I will show it off. And maybe some of this other stuff will eventually make into "them thangs I do" (Should I have named my Etsy store that?? Too late now!)

BTW, if you have not yet figured it out, these are all components of IQ tests, probably from the fifties or sixties. But don't worry if you had not figured that out. I can assure you, as an upstanding member of the general public, it does not reflect poorly on your intelligence, though I should also point out that I am neither licensed nor trained to discern a person's intelligence using any of these tools.


  1. This is easily, hands down, the most intriguing bunch of free founds from the garbage I have ever seen. I wanna think about you finding them and see what you do with them and I think that, with your permission, I will write about this in some variation one day. I am working on a story for creative writing this semester that might need someone to find something like this. There is a psychologist in the story. Wow. The muse just Smacked me upside my head all the way from Louisiana. Wow.

  2. A journaling scrapbook with the pocket notebook!! I add a few pocket journals to regular scrapbook pages from time to time but have seen whole books done in journaling pages... that little one would be SO cool to do that way!

  3. WOW! You find really good stuff at your office!

    If you do a collage...the startled girl doll needs to go where the ear hole is on the woman!

  4. you lucky dawg you!! I am green with artsy fartsy envy!! think of all the cool collage stuff you can do with all that!! See there, it pays to rummage through the trash!! Just another great job perk!

  5. I cannot wait to see the result of your creative juices mixed with this 'stuff'. What a load of coolness!

    Have fun...and be sure to post LOTS of pics...

  6. Wow, some of that stuff looks kinda scary.

  7. Oh, see? Is this not the PERFECT job for you? ha ha! This is so cool!

  8. Cynthia I'll be interested in reading what you come up with! Now you can possibly add the drama of a hurricane to the mix!

    Flutterby I probably will do some sort of journaling thing with that little notebook...eventually!

    Princess I think that is about all the cool stuff there is to be found at the office unfortunately. The rest of the "odd finds" are all people, and I don't think they would appreciate being glued to a collage! It would be pretty funny, to put the startled girl coming out of the woman's ear!

    Ayekah It was a good find, once I got over my nervousness about having the stuff!

    Thanks Beth, and don't worry, I will be sure to share when I get something going!

    Patti I totally agree!

    Yes Spookyrach It is perfect for me! And I am loving it!

  9. how very neat! I love that stuff. Very, very interesting.


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