Friday, November 16, 2007

16 Days and What Do You Get?

Anyone remember that old Tennessee Ernie Ford song? Anyone know who Tennessee Ernie Ford is? My parents had an album by him and this song was on it (16 Tons, and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt).

I've been playing in Photoshop again. I'm not real happy with either of these photos but the quote warms my Pollyanna heart and makes me think. You can click on the images to make them a little bigger (I've been "shrinking" them for the web and almost shrunk these too much). That's all for tonight.

"...only the fact that life unfolds very slowly preserves it from being unbearably poignant." --Gretchen Rubin

Day 16: I'm thankful for moments of poignancy in my life.


  1. I do too. I don't suppose that is you and the hubby?

  2. Love the photo and the effect. REALLY love the new look and picture at the top - very, very nice.

  3. Had a record album of Tennessee Ernie Ford singing folk diddies once upon a time. Got "saved", gave all my collection away (old time holiness believed anything other than gospel was sinful) and have been kicking myself ever since. On this one, he sang "Come all you young fellers so young and so kind, and seek not your fortune in the dark dreary mine, It'll form as a habit and get in your soul, till the stream of your blood runs darker than coal..."

  4. Thanks Mindy!

    Jules No, not us. It is actually my youngest and a friend of hers. They had been swimming in the creek (unplanned) while I was taking photos. When they were done, they started walking down the road and asked me to take a picture. One of them, being silly, grabbed the other's hand.

    I like that it is ambiguous.

    Thank you Grace.

    Jim I figured you would remember Tennessee Ernie Ford! My parents also had an album of him singing gospel songs.

  5. I love this photo! And the quote is awesome -- "unbearably poignant" -- my goodness, that phrase just about describes itself, doesn't it.
    And I remember that Tennessee Ernie Ford song quite well. Being from Tennessee, of course, we all have to know of him. It's kind of like Elvis. And Bill Monroe. And Johnny Cash and June Carter. And Porter Wagner and Dolly Parton. I could just go on and on!

  6. Linda Yes, I guess I should not be surprised at you knowing of TEF, and all those other good people too!


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