Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Got Nothin'

Day seven of this project and I have no funny stories to tell, no insights to share, nothin', nada, zip!

Well, here is this little thing I did in Photoshop. I don't much like it as it is, so I might redo it on canvas some time. I kind of like the words and the man in the photo is my maternal grandfather. He really was not much of a fisherman. I am not even sure how this photo came about. I wonder who had the camera?

Day 7: I am grateful for my grandfather.

Still Life

Grandmother cooked on a wood stove:
peas, butterbeans, cornbread, biscuits.
For desert, we ate canned peaches.
When everyone left the table,

Grandfather winked and smiled at me
as we divided what was left
of the peach juice into our bowls
and drank life's syrupy sweetness.


  1. That is all so wonderful. Some of my best memories up and into adulthood are of my grandparents. I will always be so grateful that my maternal grandparents visited us here and that I got to take my grandmother to spend a day in Santa Fe. She hadn't been there in close to 50 years and we had such a wonderful time, seeing her recognized among the Native American vendors as one of their own. (Sometimes they honor me in that recognition as well but only when I am by myself; never when I am with my whitebread looking family, lol.) My grandmother died within the year after that visit.

  2. I love the photo and the poem.

    For no insight...I got a lot out of it.

  3. Yep, that's my granddaddy, too, right down to the cling peaches in syrup.

  4. Rach I do too. It is such a tiny photo, I wish it was bigger. (And I love your cemetery photo today).

    flutterby That sounds like such a wonderful memory to have of your grandmother. My paternal great great grandmother was Native American. I wish I knew more about her...

    Mindy I'm glad you enjoyed it. The poetry always feels risky to me to put on my blog for some reason.

    Cyndi I wonder what it was about those peaches??

  5. Nice. We used to say our grandmother put summer up in jars.


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