Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Have to Ask!

Did this "thang" not appeal to anyone? Or did it get lost in the shuffle of all the every single day posts and being posted on a Friday afternoon when blog reading is forgotten and heading out the door to a lovely weekend is the priority?

No, I don't need to always hear that every single one of these "thangs" are wonderful (though if that is what you think, then by all means, say it! I have to admit, the love feels good!). I'm just curious. Sometimes these "thangs" come from the recesses of my private life and as such, they are often a shorthand visual for more complicated (and personal) thoughts. So if my "shorthand" does not work for others, it is a good thing for me to know.


  1. sweetie, everything you do resonates with me and i have not forgotten to take what i have to my friend's store; patience, eh?

    i need your snail mail addie b/c i picked up two quilting mags this weekend and you just have to see this one girl's work - actually, i think the entire mag will appeal to you so it is meant for you to have, not me.

    pdaulerio@gmail.com :)

    love ya.

  2. Welllll if by *thang* you mean the photos and texts, I love them. Expecially the one you have up this morning. I see that every time I walk out into my back yard only it's dead morning glory vine entangled in lattice. I never though about what a statement it made until now.

  3. I think that I missed it but I have been really behind.

    I love it.

  4. I'm behind too. And this? Freakin' love it!!!

  5. I can't believe I didn't say something in my comment that day. Did I not? Yes, I like it very much. In fact, I copied the idea the other day with a photo of my own. ;-)

  6. Hey, and I thought I commented on it, too. Was Blogger being a booger that day? I loved it -- especially the fact that you saw it and recognized it's potential as a photo!

  7. Penni Thank you ma'am! I'll get my addy to you later tonight (or tomorrow sometime). I appreciate you thinking of me.

    Flutterby You never know what all that dead stuff is trying to tell you!

    Princess Mindy I am behind tonight, and will likely not get caught up tomorrow. Sigh.

    Grace I am glad to hear it!

    Rach Glad you love it! And see my note to Mindy. It ain't fun, being behind.

    Jules Are you gonna share your creation (or have you already and I missed it because I am behind)?

    Linda It took some work in Photoshop to get the photo adjusted. I really like the way the colors came out.

  8. I LOVE this thing (thing is said with my yankee twang). That thing reflects my life exactly.


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