Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

My sister manages two ministry oriented resale shops and it has become a tradition for some of us to go browse around the shops after we eat our Thanksgiving meal at her house. Last year my nephew beat me to the Thing One and Thing Two dolls. This year he found a Thing Two t-shirt that he tried to pawn off on me but it was just a little snug so I ended up not taking it.

We did not find much of anything this year (but we all still have fun looking around and acting silly). My nephew did end up with a pair of stylish bowling shoes. I am most certainly not jealous of this find....

I bought several old books, among them Volume Two and Three of Systematic Theology by Augustus Hopkins Strong, D. D., LL. D, published in 1909. No, I am not going to be taking up any serious study of theology. I bought these older books planning to use them as background papers for collages but now I'm thinking the pages are too old and brittle for me to use. I think they are old enough that I can copy them without violating copyright laws, but I will have to research that to be sure.

Anyway, there were a few notes made in the books, which belonged to a Rev. R.T. Harris.

I love finding notes in old books, especially when they are as charming and witty as this one. Reverend Harris' handwriting leaves a little to be desired so I typed in his cryptic observation...

Day 22: Thankful for safety on the road.


  1. I think I like R.T. Harris. I know some people like that. And they aren't ones that have any excuse for being like that... they just are.

  2. I love those shoes! I would totally wear them.

  3. Ooh -- I love those books! you'll do all kinds of fun things with them! :-)

  4. Jules It was a fun and totally unexpected find.

    Flutterby Yeah, I think there is not shortage of people like that!

    Patti They are kind of quirky cute!

    I hope I do stuff with the books Linda!


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