Saturday, November 03, 2007

Here is How it Went

His appointment was on Thursday. When he got to the office, no one was there except for one male secretary who knew nothing other than that the office was closed for All Saint's Day (can you imagine that?). It was very frustrating. The decision was made to stay another day and try to catch the man in the office on Friday. My husband and I were the naysayers on this decision. We figured the guy was taking a long weekend. Bottom line? The attorney was in on Friday and my son was able to meet with him. Things went well and the attorney told him he liked working with people who were doing what they needed to be doing. We still don't know how things will actually turn out yet, but this is good news.

(Also, I had briefly started emailing my comments when I responded to comments in my blog. I ain't doing that no more! It's too hard for me to keep up. My computer is running slow these days and trying to keep up with writing something every day is enough of a challenge for me.)

In addition--Re:
30 Days of Thanks-Day 2-- I could not post yesterday because my mouse was not working properly. Yesterday I was very thankful that I was wrong about my belief that the attorney was taking a long weekend!

Day 3's thanks will have to wait until more of the day has passed so I can see what I am thankful for.

Sometimes I wish I had these two guys on hand to help me keep up with myself....


  1. I'm glad the lawyer thing worked out. I know how frustrating that can be.

  2. YAY! I'm glad he's doing well! (And I just love Thing 1 and Thing 2...)

  3. Thanks all!

    Linda My sister manages a resale shop and I would have Thing 1 and Thing 2 in my possession today, but they were stuck up high on a shelf and my nephew, who is 6 ft something reached right over my head and grabbed them. I shoulda kicked him in...knee!


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