Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 25



This is a photo I fixed for the woman I work with. It is of her mother and was taken in the forties. Her mother died a few months ago. When I brought the fixed copy in for her to see, she was so surprised and pleased, I thought she was going to cry. It was a 5X7 photo so it was a nice size to work with, much better than working on a snapshot.

So I did do something constructive in my long weekend off from work.

In other news, my graphic for the 30 Days of Thanks seems to have disappeared into thin air. I had the HTML code on Blogger but even that is not working so the link must be broken on the original site. I am not going to worry about trying to fix it now since there are only 5 days left of this whole NaBloPoMo business (which does not mean I will cease being grateful, only that I will probably not post it here!)

Day 25: Thankful to do something to make someone else happy.

(Darn! Now I see my bowling shoe and R. T. Harris quote pics are missing too! What is going on?)


  1. I can see your pictures, but the graphic is gone. How do you restore photos? 5 days left. Yay!!!

  2. Photoshop is great isn't it??!! I have boxes and boxes of really old photos that I have worked on from time to time. My favorite, that maybe I should post some time, is of my great grandmother, my grandfather, and his 5 brothers, all as adults. It was the first one I ever fixed up and then I sent a copy of it to my grandfather.

  3. Patti I used Photoshop but there are also other programs you can use I think.

    Flutterby Yes, it is great. I'd love to see your photo of your grandfather and his brothers. My family has mostly old snapshot type photos that are harder to do anything with because of their smaller size.

  4. I LOVE PS. LOVE it! Okay, I hated it at first...but I LOVE it now. Once you figure out how to do even the most simple fixes it just takes your creative mind on a junket and never lets it back off.

    I bet that woman was very touched that you went to all the "trouble" to fix that photo for her.

  5. Great job fixing that photo -- what a wonderful gift to a friend! And I can see your bowling shoe and other photos just fine from here...

  6. Great job fixing that photo and making someone happy with what you did.

    And I see your pictures you say are missing.

  7. Great job on the photo - and inspiring. I have decided to do something like this for my dad for a Christmas gift. I may seek your advice....

  8. Jules Yeah, I know all about that love/hate relationship with Photoshop!

    Linda and Cathy Thanks, I have to admit it was a sweet feeling, seeing her reaction. (I went back in and redid the photos that I thought were missing-so I don't know if there actually was a problem, or I just imagined it!)

    Grace Holler out if I can help.


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