Monday, November 19, 2007

Danger! Danger!

I am trying to install a router and cannot make it recognize my modem, or something like that. Hopefully my modem and I will not be separated for too long!

Day 19: I will be thankful if I get this thing hooked up correctly.


  1. Ouch! Good luck with that! ha ha! Love your new blog header.

  2. Oh I hope not too long. I put in a new memory girl. You are I are so techno!

  3. Thanks Rach I'm glad you like the new header and "ouch" is the correct response to the router situation!

    Mindy Wow, I am impressed about you putting in new memory. I need to do that too, or at least buy it and ask my nephew to put it in for me. I did not do so good with the router, can't get the computer to recognize it. Does this mean I get dropped from the techno club??


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