Monday, November 26, 2007

The Star of the Show

For a limited time at Cracker Barrel restaurants, for only $4.99, you too can have a brilliant partner to help you write stupendous posts as we enter the last few days of National Blog Posting Month.

Any of you remember having one of these sock monkeys as a child? This one is only about four inches tall, meant to be a Christmas ornament. I am a sucker for miniature things. I had to have him, for no good reason!

Yes, I know, I am seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel--only four more days to go!


  1. I always wanted one, but my parents never would let me waste the socks. (Of course, I would have been expected to make my own.)

  2. I feel about those sock monkeys the same way Mindy feels about clowns. They are creepy evil.

  3. Patti I am sorry you never got one. I always sort of wanted to make one but never got around to it. It is no longer on my list of things I hope to do!

    Oh Flutterby Surely you can see that they are NOT creepy evil (though this one's eyebrows look a little scary to me!).

  4. I think that monkey is cute.

    BTW, I always wanted a REAL Barbie Doll and always got another version of a look alike. I wasn't warped by that deprivation.

  5. Cathy It was not getting those white go-go boots until the fad had nearly passed that did not warp me!...Sniff, sniff.


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