Wednesday, November 14, 2007


"Nobody changes as long as they can make the old ways work."*

I guess this shop window display works quite well for the owners. I don't believe it has changed in the nearly thirty years that I have been driving past it.

I've got some changes I need to be working on. So does my sixteen year old. A few of those changes are going to pit me, Tired Mama, up against said sixteen year old. There are a couple of things I need. One is consistent perseverance. The other is, well, a set of those round things that start with the letter "B", preferably brass, please.

"You know, one of your themes is "loosening up." I hope you don't underestimate how important a job this is--or how difficult. It takes years--and it's not only well worth doing, it's a huge relief as you get more and more of it done."*

Day 14: Thankful to be able to loosen up enough to let my needs be known.

*recent words from an insightful friend


  1. I would hate to be a teen in this day and age!!

    I know you can do whatever needs to be done!

  2. That comment about making the old ways work? SOoooooo very true.

  3. ch- che cha CHANGES!!!
    dang, man. You are so right. Good luck on those brass things. That ain't easy!

  4. That window... it's just asking for a brick. Sad, but sometimes changes have to be forced even if they're needed and good changes.

  5. Change is the only constant? Never the same river twice? I know it's hard, Annie.

  6. Mindy I certainly hope I can do what needs to be done. Some days, I stand on pretty shaky feet.

    Rach Yep,and when the old ways no longer work, there is bound to be pain involved in making changes.

    Thanks for the good wishes Captainwow! The brass things have been quite hard for me to come by. Ha! Maybe I need you to come and sing a little song for me to keep me motivated!

    Flutterby I thought the same thing about that window (and was shocked to have thought such a thing!)

    You are probably right about change being the only constant Patti. (And thanks for your other comments on the other posts yesterday.)


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