Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Chair

Jules said the photo of the chair made her want to sit right down in it. I thought of how, in some ways, she has set herself down in my cyber-chair and made herself at home. We've all done it when we take time to comment on another person's blog post or listened to what someone else had to say in response to something we've written.

It seems a weird new way of making friends and learning more about how other people think and feel. I'm glad I am part of it. I love it when each one of you stops in to add your two cents' worth and I love going around to see what is happening in each of your lives.

And I really like my chair photos, even though Anonymous almost sees the one at the top as symbolic of an executioner's chair! If you look at the seat, it does kind of look like little electrical sparks are going across the wood. But it really is safe to come on in and have a seat. I don't have the electricity hooked up to the chair, not anymore, I promise!

Part of what has me thinking along the lines is an article in Parade magazine in this morning's paper about online friendships. I am surprised they did not mention blogging as one of the ways of making online friends.

Day 18: I am thankful for friendship.


  1. I will have to check out the Parade article. I am sure it goes on and on about MYSpace and FaceBook ad nauseum.

    I like the chair.

  2. Yes, these online friendships are neat, aren't they! :-) I really like the chair photos -- especially the bottom one.

  3. Flutterby They did mention MySpace and Facebook, I believe. Also those role playing games. I'd much rather blog, myself, but to each his own!

    Linda I agree, online friendships are neat.

  4. I read that same article and thought about all of us.

    It is really easy to sit here at your place. You are a good hostess.

  5. Mindy Thanks! I am a good hostess because I do not have to worry about serving food and beverages!


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