Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Three Years Ago Today

I walked through the door to Blogland and found all sorts of interesting characters. It's been fun.

Day 27:
Thankful for the creative outlet of blogging.


  1. OH YES! HAPPY BLOGGIVERSARY INDEED! You've made it ultimately a more interesting place to hang out. :-)

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I am honored to know you!

    I am soooo far behind in blogland!!

  3. Annie, I think that you are going to make it through the thirty days of blogging! Yes, yes, I am sure of it!

  4. NOOOO!!! ANNIE!!! Where are you??? You missed your post yesterday!!!??? I figure I was out of it before I even began because I missed the start of it but I have been posting every day since anyway and it's really gotten me into the habit of writing every day. I hope everything is ok...

  5. Sorry to be so few and far between with visits, but eleven months down the road and I still have a full house. Computer time is but here and there. At times, I run to the basement just to find a quiet moment. You do fantastic work with photography in more ways than one, ma'am. Wish I had half your talent...

  6. Happy Bloggerversary-day to yooooouuuu....
    :-D Three years. Wow.

  7. Thank you Captainwow. I believe you were one of my first totally random commenters!

    Thanks Jules. You added your share of interesting things to the mix as well!

    Mindy-- And I am honored to know you!

    David-- Thanks, even though I think you jinxed me (since I messed up yesterday's post, or rather, I was just a little late getting my post in--better late than never. Would you take that as an excuse from one of your students?)!

    Flutterby-- "Oh no!" is right! I got totally mixed up with the date or something. Now if I happen to win a prize, I am going to have to confess that I backdated my post on the 28th!

    Jim, Thank you sir. Hope everybody is still getting along well!

    Thank you Linda. Haven't you been blogging about as long? It seems like we "met" through the Everyday Matters group or Gluebooks, can't remember which.

  8. pomegranatesandpaper8:15 AM, December 10, 2007

    It's a little late, but Happy Blogaversary! You bring a unique voice to the blogosphere and we are happier for it.

    Also = love the sock monkey!


  9. annie, i must've met you and hope around the same time i started blogging! how cool is this?

    i am hopeful you got your mags and you agree they were meant for you. i must apologize for not putting your card in the envelope - mailed it from work, wanted to not wait another day so you finally received it, albeit a bit impersonally.



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