Friday, November 23, 2007


I have not gotten out except to go eat with my youngest daughter at our favorite Mexican restaurant. So far, I have piddled the day away. I had an opportunity to ride with my husband to Natchitoches, but I did not take it. I figured it would be overrun with people today. Still, I could have taken pictures and it is such a pretty little town.

I have an idea for Christmas cards that I ought to be working on. I am bad about thinking of stuff and not following through on the work part of it. I ought to be cleaning up my little art room so I can work on stuff...sigh. Probably won't get done today.

This post card was also in one of the Systematic Theology books I bought yesterday. I wonder if the good reverend ever got this tea selling issue resolved? Surely by now, all is forgiven and forgotten.

Day 23: Thankful, just thankful.


  1. Isn't it intriguing to discover some such point of contact with a person in the past! My son-in-law inherited a house near to us when his dad died some years ago. The ground around it was overgrown with weeds and brush, two large pine trees nearly hiding a frontal view. Dad had rented it to a young couple with children for several years before they apparently had difficulties and divorced. The strange part was they simply walked out, leaving the house and everything in it as it was. It had sat empty for nearly a decade and, when we went into it, toys, jewelry, furniture, clothes still were there. I found a journal with poetry mixed with its entries that the mother had written to her daughter. Such finds make history personal and set you to thinking "What happened after this?", "Where are they now?"....

  2. That's awesome Annie. What a find!

  3. I love finding that kind of thing, even if it is from total strangers! And to think that the postcard was hand typed -- probably over and over and over again ....

  4. Oh Jim, that sounds like an incredibly neat find. It does make you wonder where they are now, and how she could have left such a personal thing behind.

    It was a fun find Patti. It does not happen too often. My sister does keep a lookout for me though, for things I might find interesting.

    Linda I know, imagine the work that we no longer have to do thanks to word processing programs!


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